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Roosevelt MVC web framework

Roosevelt is a Web framework for Node.js which uses Teddy for HTML templating and LESS for CSS preprocessing. Built on Express, Roosevelt is designed to abstract all the crusty boilerplate necessary to build a typical Express app, sets sane defaults with mechanisms for override, and provides a uniform MVC structure for your app.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  25 Feb 2014 02:41

    Release Notes: This release adds better multipart support, support for gzip compression, faster HTTP performance, some refactoring, better logging, better configuration, and some bugfixes.

    •  08 Feb 2014 22:40

      Release Notes: This release adds better Windows support, improves logging (now with colors), removes an unnecessary HTTP response header, adds .gitignore to the sample app, and adds performance improvements and bugfixes.

      •  30 Dec 2013 16:56

        Release Notes: The localhostOnly rule will no longer apply in development mode. This release also adds .npmignore so Roosevelt will take up less space as a node_module.

        •  26 Dec 2013 06:18

          Release Notes: This release added a new localhostOnly parameter, a new Express var exposed publicFolder, stricter rules on 503 interrupts for high load scenarios, bugfixes, and a documentation cleanup.

          •  22 Dec 2013 15:23

            Release Notes: This release adds a new update checker for the CLI tool, new time limits for request processing, and the new parameters publicStatics, publicFolder, alwaysHostStatics, maxLagPerRequest, disableLogger, and disableMultipart.


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